The System of Systems


Edited by Rebecca Glyn-Blanco, Maria McLintock and Danae Io


The System of Systems is a book published in conjunction with an exhibition taking place in Athens in May 2017. It interrogates how political powers in Europe are using technologies, from data collection to private companies, in bureaucratic systems which determine the fate of asylum seekers. Bringing together artists, designers, architects, academics, activists and practitioners, working across a range of mediums, the publication responds to the complex and knotty legal framework which individuals seeking asylum are forced to navigate, or, in many cases, elude.


With contributions by – Lawrence Abu Hamdan, James Bridle, Kamil Dalkir, Design Unlikely Futures, Ayesha Hameed, Paul Feigelfeld, Melanie Friend, Eugenio Grosso, Olivia Head (Bread & Roses), Andrew Herscher, Thomas Keenan, Sohrab Mohebbi, Daniela Ortiz, Lucie Parker, Jill Power, Xose Quiroga, Daniel Trilling, Nana Varveropoulou.


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Printed in Athens, Greece

July 2017


pages: 220
22×14 cm




ISBN 978-1-52720-888-9

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