Super 8 & 16mm by Dolce films


The first workshop on film making by Dolce Films will take place in Athens at the beginning of December 2022 and will cover the following:


  • -Introduction to super 8 & 16mm cameras
  • -Different film formats and use cases
  • -Exposing for the moving image
  • -b/w reversal developing
  • -Preparing the film for projection
  • -Projection


No prior knowledge required for this workshop. You don’t need to bring any film with you.


Duration 4-5h (we start at 12:00)


Book your place by purchasing the booklet.


We will message the participants individually about the exact location.


If you have film for developing, want to buy film or any other question/request please get in touch at, subject “Workshop Introduction to Film Making”.


Black and White Riso printed


8-page booklet


limited edition of 21




1 free cake for orders >55€

shipping within 2 working days