Schemas of Uncertainty


Schemas of Uncertainty is a collective research project on the notion of prediction, both as a long-standing interest of human beings through their histories, but also as inscribed into the techno-capitalist present. The project is organised and facilitated by Danae Io and Callum Copley and has previously taken the form of a cross-departmental research group and symposium at the Sandberg Instituut.


Moving between machine learning, critical theory, tarot readings, astrology, personal narratives, myths, fiction and much else, the book attempts to think through what it might mean to welcome uncertainty as a way of resisting ideas that impose a singular meaning or direction. Through various accounts on predictive practices, it opens up alternate propositions for occupying elsewhere and otherwise.


Book contributions by—Ramon Amaro, Holly Childs, Callum Copley, Flavia Dzodan, Kenric McDowell, Danae Io, Ioanna Gerakidi, Valentina Desideri & Stefano Harney, Emily Rosamond, Bin Koh, Juliette Lizotte, Alice Dos Reis and Tom Kemp. The book is edited by Callum Copley & Danae Io and designed by Alex Walker with illustrations by Bin Koh. The bookmark is designed by Charlotte Rohde with texts by Aidan Wall.


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Publisher: PUB with the support of Sandberg Instituut


pages: 272

13×20 cm


Black & White


ISBN: 978-90-9031843-1


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