Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself


Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself is a syncretic collection of texts and images, conceived by Nicola Baratto and Yiannis Mouravas in collaboration with a crew of artists invited to reflect on the subject of their research. It includes a panorama of recollections sparked by the quest for a Byzantine pillar lost in the waters of Venezia. Through archaeo(day)dreaming, the research stems out towards manifold non-euclidean directions. Moreover, it aims to artistically probe the matters of archaeological legislation and history, identification processes becoming the embodiment of a myth or a national narrative and finally, perception of time conjuncted to memory and imagination.


The artist duo initiated this publication, as a work done for the visual and contextual research that expands the symbolic significance of their exhibition. Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself, held at HotWheels Project, in Athens, from April 12th till May 3rd 2018.

pages: 80

16×26 cm


2colour risograph print

Cover, black ink on red paper


The book was awarded the first prize in the book category at the Greek Design & Illustration Awards 2019 (EBGE!).

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