Ivory Towers


In this book, Vaskos revisits the modern dream of an autonomous heroic subject that can rise to band with others into a unified people as a downfall. Exercising the 19th-century Baudelairian notion of flanerie -“to see the world, to be at the centre of the world, and yet to remain hidden from the world”- in this age of displacements, Vaskos inhabits the world through wasteful paths and naked bodies; journeying from the beaches of Cascais to Dresden’s Grimes Gewolbe (Green Vault) treasury, Vaskos creates a new, complex cartography of reterritorialization; one where illusion is a revolutionary road to another sociality that is already and always present. (From the publisher)


Vassilis Noulas & Kostas Tzimoulis

preface Argyropoulou Nantia
translation Tony Mozer
curating Fotini Pipi

128 pages
25×22 cm
250 copies

ISBN 978-618-84781-0-7

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