Free Immersion Notes


The project “free immersion notes” is structured as a non-linear “journal” of relocations, reflecting on hoarding and haunting, memory, digital and physical accumulation, being out-of-joint and scattered and the “oceanic feeling”. Drawing from horror conventions and uncanny fiction, the story unfolds through the point of view of a character who has come unstuck in time and is training to adapt to different timelines and dimensions, becoming amphibian and bodiless in the process. The narrative, fragmented in this way, thus coalesces into a kind of diving chronicle that links the vocabulary and metaphors of Symian free-diving traditions with the experience of digital space.



Myrto Vratsanou (b.1994, Athens, Greece) is an artist based between Athens and Cologne. She has studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Her spacial, moving image and writing practice revolves around fiction and the haunted and sensual aspects of digital and material spaces. She has been involved in various collective projects and alternative forms of art education.

Risoprinted in Metallic Gold and Medium Blue
32 pages
26 x 17 cm
200 copies


Text, images and concept: Myrto Vratsanou
Design: Matina Nikolaidou
Publication & distribution: DOLCE
Supported by the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the Onassis Scholarship Foundation

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