Butter and Cracker


Α script by Eleni Bagaki, written to be read as an autonomous text, without the intention of making it into a film.


HE and SHE meet and try to get to know each other. Their conversations about love, art, and food unfold how different they are from each other. However, as they get closer to one another and perhaps even fall in love, they suddenly realize they are trapped in the script itself. They begin to question their intentions and whether they can define their own actions independently. Will they choose to flip the script? If so, what will happen?

Text by Eleni Bagaki


Edited by miss dialectic
(Klea Charitou, Eleanna Papathanasiadi, Kelly Tsipni-Kolaza)


Published by miss dialectic & DOLCE
English, Greek
28 × 23.5 cm
46 pages
200 copies
ISBN: 978-618-85986-0-7
ISBN 978-618-84938-4-1
b/w, soft cover


Printed in Athens, Greece,
in July 2022.



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