by Anna Laederach


This is the journey of a Euro Punch Hole traveling from the sea, to the mainland, into space and returns to the sea as it explores its purpose. EPH who is potentially a hole, a nothing, a negative-space, or perhaps a space in-between, encounters on its adventure a Bivalve, a Windowfront, a Satellite and a Self Seal Hang Hole Bag. Each character tells stories of their own production processes that all together form a complex network of life cycles that seem to start somewhere and end nowhere. Following a series of vivid dialogues EPH discovers a cosmos of highly standardized and specialized objects. As they take center stage, their voice and attitude express opportunities to better understand the hybrid ecology of earthly existence. From particles to quartz to skyscrapers and plastic soup – everything in interrelated. Everything is animated.


Text written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts and Design under supervision of Catherine Somzé


Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam 2018

Graphic Design: Marius Schwarz


Special thanks to:


Benedikt Wöppel,

Catherine Somzé,

Robin van den Akker,

Christopher Leslie,


Pien Vrijhof,

Daniel Ordoñez Muñoz,

Jerszy Seymour,

Daniel Dewar,

Florence Parrot,

Saâdane Afif,

Noam Toran

and all the wonderful members of the Dirty Art Department.


pages: 48

11×24 cm

White Digital Print

Spiral Bind


First edition: 150 copies

ISBN: 978-618-83709-1-3

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